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MA Theses Supervised


“Zoo Memories: Commemoration and the Representation of History in European and American Zoos”

BA Theses Supervised


“Identity in Danzy Senna‚Äôs Caucasia (1998)”

“Life With the Road: Gender Roles in Life Narratives by Two Beat Writers”

“Trauma and Coming-of-Age in Young Adult Ground Zero Fiction”

Lecture Courses

American Literary History (Summer 2014)

Introduction to American Studies (Summer 2013, Summer 2014, Winter 2014/15)

Lectures as part of lecture series on Modern Theories of Literature (Summer 2002 – Summer 2006):

"Postmodern and Poststructuralist Perspectives"

"Cultural Studies and Beyond"

 Lectures as part of lecture series on American Cultural Studies (Winter 2001/02 – Winter 2008/09):

"Coordinates in Time: Major Events, Challenges, and Defining Moments in American Cultural History"

"Tracing the Fabrics of Contemporary Everyday Life: Recurrent Issues in American Religion, Civil Religion, Sports"

"American Civil Religion and Cultural Memory"

"U.S. Women’s History / Gender Studies"

"Multilingual America"

Undergraduate Seminars

Youth in American Fiction (Summer 2012)

Fighting Images: America at War (Winter 2008/09)

21st-Century American Fiction (Summer 2006, Summer 2008)

American Literature I: From the Beginnings through the End of the Nineteenth Century (Winter 2003/04, Winter 2004/05, Winter 2005/06, Winter 2007/08, Summer 2014)

Survey Course USA: Understanding America (Winter 2002/03, Summer 2003, Summer 2005, Summer 2006)

American Literature and Culture of the 1960s (Summer 2002)

Graduate Seminars

Women and Medicine in American Literature and Culture (Seminar and Student Symposium taught parallel at the University of Bamberg and the University of Regensburg, Winter 2014/15)

The Rise of American Popular Print Culture (Winter 2013/14)

American Feelings (Summer 2013)

American Spaces: Building Many Americas or Uniting the States (European-American Studies and American Studies Master-Programs) (Winter 2011/12)

Fundamentals: Approaches, Concepts, Theories (European-American Studies and American Studies Master-Programs) (Winter 2010/11, Winter 2012/13)

Fundamentals of American Studies
(American Studies Master-Program) (Winter 2005/06, Winter 2007/08, Winter 2008/09)

Visual Cultures of America (Summer 2004)

Review Courses for Exam Candidates

Vorbereitungskurs Grundwissensprüfung (Schwerpunkt Amerikanistik) (Winter 2008/09)

Repetitorium für Examenskandidaten (nicht vertieft; Schwerpunkt Amerikanistik) (Winter 2005/06, Summer 2006)

Introductory Literature Course

Introduction to English and American Literary Studies (Summer 2001, Winter 2001/02, Winter 2007/08, Summer 2008, Summer 2009, Summer 2011)

Courses Taught at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

English 125: Legacies of Memory (Spring 2001)

English 125: Ways of Reading (Fall 2000)

Course Taught at the University of Mainz

Integrated Language Course (Summer 2000)